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The Opinion Piece section is where I stand on my “soapbox” and give my opinion on various subjects involving film.

Starting with the Theory of Danny Boyle

Fox Searchlight: James McAvoy in "Trance"

Directing films is one of the more fascinating things that someone can do in the world of entertainment. In some cases, the directors have free reign to do just about anything they want, and have the opportunity to build a ...

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Opinion Piece: My Opinion on Movie Awards

Warner Bros. Pictures: Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight"

Immediately after watching The Artist for the first time, I remember predicting that it would receive the nod for best picture at the Academy Awards that year. I literally didn’t hesitate to say it and I was proven right when ...

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Opinion Piece: My View on Foreign Films

For my first official edition of the Opinion Piece on The Movie Picture Show, I’m going to talk about something that I love in film. Although I’ve been into foreign films for the last several years, my love and appreciation ...

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