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The Movie Picture Show is a movie website that features a host of different things related to film with reviews being the most prominent of those features.  I base my reviews on many things like most do, but entertainment value is the most important factor in my mind. I also do my best to make sure that I don’t include any spoilers in my reviews. I know that’s important, because everyone who hasn’t seen the particular movie that I’m reviewing most likely wouldn’t want to know most of those details.

Along with posting reviews of films, The Movie Picture Show also contains these features:

Movie Trailers:
The movie trailers that are posted on The Movie Picture Show are from Trailer Addict. I usually post trailers that are from movies that I intend on watching and reviewing. In some instances, I don’t post the trailers of the films that I review due to the fact that I feel they are either to explicit (some of the red band trailers) or they spoil too much of the actual film. Once again, I never want to spoil any films, so I make sure to watch the trailers to make sure they don’t ruin it for potential viewers.

Short Films:
The short films that are posted here are either discovered by me on the internet or are suggested to me by various outside parties. If you have created a short film or are associated with one that you want to be shown on this movie blog, you can contact me with the necessary information and I may place it on here for others to watch and judge for themselves. I do not review short films, because I view it as a conflict of interest.

Although I conduct my own interviews with actors, directors and other people within the film industry on The Movie Picture Show, I also remain open to anyone who has the desire to have their interviews showcased on this blog. If you wish to post your interviews on The Movie Picture Show, you can use the email address below to contact me with your desire.

Opinion Pieces:
Opinion pieces are exactly what the title insinuates. These articles are where I simply voice my opinion about various things in the entertainment industry.

More Features To Follow:
These are just some of the features that are included on The Movie Picture Show at the moment. Gradually, I’ll continue to expand what I do with this site over time, so you have to keep up with some of the things that I have planned for the future.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests you can contact me at:


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